Technical Note:
infotrace for IBM Informix® Dynamic Server databases is a standalone product written in ESQL/C and Java, which are both no charge items, meaning that the financial outlay to use infotrace is minimised...Find Out More

Business Benefits

Track Changes
infotrace will provide information as to who made the changes and when they were made. infotrace will display the data before and after the change and highlight the items changed.

Reconstruct Original Data
Every organisation is susceptible to human error. Some errors, intentional or not, cost organisations valuable time and money. infotrace provides the ability to retrieve and, if required, to reload the deleted data.

Monitor User Activity
Being able to measure efficiency and productivity is essential for any organisation. To achieve this, infotrace provides operational statistics on a user by user basis.

Zero Impact
infotrace puts no additional load onto the instance being monitored. It uses information already available on logged systems.

Audit Trail
Datatrace can be used to produce an audit trail.

Application Independent
infotrace operates without any changes to your applications. It will dynamically adjust to incorporate new tables and changes to table schemas.