Technical Note:
infotrace for IBM Informix® Dynamic Server databases is a standalone product written in ESQL/C and Java, which are both no charge items, meaning that the financial outlay to use infotrace is minimised...Find Out More

Infotrace in Action

Data Loss
Data loss is a problem for many organisations. infotrace is a form of insurance against data loss, in the instance of anyone in your company deleting records by mistake, infotrace will identify the deleted records and provide the facility to unload the data so that, if required, the live data can be restored to its original state.

Human Error
Human error affects every business. If data is changed by mistake,Infotrace can present data before the change, and also after, clearly illustrating when a change happened and what was altered.

Unauthorised Change
If someone in your organisation makes an unauthorised change to your businesses data, infotrace can identify who made the change and when the change was made.

Monitor User Activity
infotrace provides a quick and easy mechanism to identify how many operations any specified user has completed on a table by table basis. In addition the details of these operations can be viewed if required.